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HIVE is mosaic sculpture that was created in collaboration with my partner artist William Geusz. The project was supported by the Kennedy Heights Art Center as part of their Artist in Residency Program. Inspired by colony collapse disorder, the honey-comb pattern of the mosaic is a metaphor for community. Through weekly workshops, 115 participants ages 5-80, created hexagonal mini mosaics. The individual mosaics installed together are distinct, yet harmonious, emphasizing how each person is dependent on, and also invaluable to, their community. 


Our residency with the Kennedy Heights art Center lasted four weeks, in which time we hosted 18 workshops. The workshops invited community members of all ages and ability to learn the process of creating hand-made ceramic mosaics. Participants learned to cut, carve, glaze and prep their tiles for mosaic installation. Will and I offered support and aesthetic guidance,  providing color palates, tools, and imagery for participants to use.  From the concrete footing, to the grouting, we fully constructed the sculpture.  The sculpture is embellished with 60sqft of tile, which required 8 back to back kiln firings. 


ARTIST: Helen Atkins & William Geusz

ORGANIZED BY: The Kennedy Heights Art Center, Program directed by Mallory Fitz

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