Soft, solo exhibition at the Harwood Art Center Albuquerque, NM. Opening reception October 2, 2020. 

Soft is a sculptural series that elevates a depreciated part of the human body. Ceramic belly sculptures are modeled from photo references gathered via social media. If you would like to participate and have your belly be made into a sculpture, please email or message me on Instagram or Facebook. 


"Helen Atkins: Painter, ceramicist, arts educator and activist"  High School Daze Podcast 2020

"For the Record"  Albuquerque Artist During COVID-19 Documentarian  Malinda Frame 2020


"Reset"  Video statement with Helen Atkins, the birds+ Richard  2020

"Art at a Distance"  Stories with Helen Atkins, the Harwood Art Center 2020 

"Out of the Box" Murals in response to "Mundos de Mestizaje" the Albuquerque Journal 2020 

"Exploring Identity Through Art" Bi-racial Unicorns Podcast 2019


"Changing the Narrative" Artists unite to create ‘Plates Against Patriarchy’ the Albuquerque Journal 2019

"Through the Fire" Ceramics show draws parallels between women and clay the Albuquerque Alibi 2019

"Forgotten Faces"  Artist’s portraits ‘dismantle invisibility’ of homelessness The Albuquerque Journal 2019

"Rising Stars Shine" Emerging Artists of New Mexico The Albuquerque Journal 2018

"Women of Radiance"Edible Magazine Sante Fe Early Summer Edition 2018

"Renewal & Community"  Exhibit aims to raise awareness of homelessness The Albuquerque Journal 2018

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