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Celebrating their centennial, in 2021 Lowes Home Improvement launched their 100 Murals Project, inviting 100 artists from across the country to create temporary murals for their store locations. I was chosen to create a mural at the Juan Tabo Albuquerque location. 

When I was approached with this project, I knew I wanted to honor a particular person in my community. The person I chose to paint is a recent cancer survivor. She is often at Lowe’s picking up supplies as she has renovated her home as a first time home buyer. The last couple of years have been a battle- and yet she still has the energy and ability to care for her home, care for her family, care for her community, and care for herself.  My mural depicts the mutualism that can come from care. When we care for ourselves and our homes, we can care for our community and our environment at the same time. 

Lowes Mural Timelapse 1

Lowes Mural Timelapse 1

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ARTIST: Helen Atkins

ORGANIZERS: Lowes Home Improvement 

Video and additional support from Will Geusz

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