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 Solo Exhibition Secrete Gallery 2021

Featuring Collaborative works with Will Geusz


Fragility explores our environmental crisis through a human lens.


The installation combines sculptures inspired by coral reefs with surreal, figurative paintings. The pairing of "natural" and distinctly "human" imagery both contrasts and connects the environment with civilization. This is further emphasized in the juxtaposition of “natural” material like clay, with the plastic resin elements. The range in scale creates a sense of tension. Paired with the delicacy of the materials, it brings into focus the fragility of our systems, identities, and existence.   

Fragility is an exhibition conceived and created by Helen Juliet Atkins. The sculptural elements are made in collaboration with sculptural artist Will Geusz, whose signature house motif is integral to the design and concept of the installation. Sculptural lighting created by artist and computer programmer Peter Ortegel.    

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