Passages Pauses and Pulses was a community-based project created as an ArtStreet artist in residence at Albuquerque’s Healthcare for the Homeless. Using the open studio space to connect with the organization’s demographic, I worked on collaborative art projects and workshops, and created mobile art-making stations. The project culminated with an exhibition at the CFA Downtown Studio which featured works made during my residency, collaborations between myself and ArtStreet artists, and products from a series of workshops I facilitated

PASSAGES:Three "passageway" sculptures were made in collaboration with ArtStreet artists and community members. We used arches and gateways as a metaphor for personal reflection, transformation, and journey. Through workshops and art events, participants were invited to create their own works that adorned and evolved the gateways throughout my residency. The individual offered a piece of their own journey to these collaborative pieces. The overarching theme of the Passages, Pauses and Pulses exhibition, explores how individuals effect, and are affected by their community.


PAUSES:The pause is the space in between.The still between brushstrokes, the quiet before a note, the middle of a journey, between its first step and destination. These concepts came up at a community meeting of ArtStreet while brainstorming for the project. As you pass through the archways you exist in a space between, a pause. From this, artists made pieces that encourage meditation on "the pause."

PULSES: Each artist and member of the ArtStreet community is a pulse of a larger heart beat. During my residency I began to paint 30-40 minute portraits of artist as they worked. This became a way for me to connect with studio-members more intimately.